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Satoshi Uematsu, Shizuo Akira (auth.), Prof. Dr. Stefan's Toll-Like Receptors (TLRs) and Innate Immunity PDF

By Satoshi Uematsu, Shizuo Akira (auth.), Prof. Dr. Stefan Bauer, Prof. Dr. Gunther Hartmann (eds.)

ISBN-10: 3540721665

ISBN-13: 9783540721666

ISBN-10: 3540721673

ISBN-13: 9783540721673

Overall contemporary examine on TLRs has ended in great raise in our realizing of early steps in pathogen acceptance and may most likely result in powerful TLR concentrating on therapeutics sooner or later. This booklet studies and highlights our fresh knowing at the functionality and ligands of TLRs in addition to their function in autoimmunity, dendritic phone activation and goal buildings for healing intervention.

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2005) (Figure 2). In TLR3 signaling, TRIF has also been shown to activate NF-κB (Figure 1). , 2004). Very likely, this interaction occurs because TRIF contains consensus TRAF6-binding motifs. However, the exact role of TRAF6 in NF-κB activation via TRIF remains unclear, as two studies using TRAF6deficient mice disagree with each other. , 2004). An explanation for this contradiction could be that there is cell specificity in the usage of TRAF6 in order to activate NF-κB via TRIF. , 2004). RIP1 is important for TLR3-induced NF-κB activation and RIP3 has an inhibiting effect, preventing the interaction of RIP1 with TRIF (Table 1).

J. 2 Additional Negative Regulators of TLR Adapter Signaling Endogenous Inhibitory Proteins at the Adapter Level Apart from SARM, MyD88s, IRAK-M, SOCS1, and RIP3 mentioned in the previous sections, there are several other proteins of the host that inhibit TLR signaling at the adapter level (Table 1). , 2005). It has been shown that TGF-β1 inhibits NF-κB activation via the MyD88-dependent pathway in response to ligands for TLR2, 4, and 5. In particular, it induces ubiquitination of MyD88 and its subsequent proteosomal degradation.

Nat Cell Biol 7: 758–765 Choe J, Kelker MS, Wilson IA (2005) Crystal structure of human Toll-like receptor 3 (TLR3) ectodomain. Science 309: 581–585 Cohen L, Henzel WJ, Baeuerle PA (1998) IKAP is a scaffold protein of the IkappaB kinase complex. Nature 395: 292–296 Couillault C, Pujol N, Reboul J, Sabatier L, Guichou JF, Kohara Y, Ewbank JJ (2004) TLRindependent control of innate immunity in Caenorhabditis elegans by the TIR domain adaptor protein TIR-1, an ortholog of human SARM. Nat Immunol 5: 488–494 Covert MW, Leung TH, Gaston JE, Baltimore D (2005) Achieving stability of lipopolysaccharideinduced NF-kappaB activation.

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Toll-Like Receptors (TLRs) and Innate Immunity by Satoshi Uematsu, Shizuo Akira (auth.), Prof. Dr. Stefan Bauer, Prof. Dr. Gunther Hartmann (eds.)

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