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Download PDF by J P Cole; Oliver Schoonmaker: Military instructors manual

By J P Cole; Oliver Schoonmaker

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Chapter 7. Army Regulations Chapter 8. Practice Marches Field Work Chapter 9. Feeding Men Camping And Camp Sanitation. Chapter 10. Personal Hygiene Chapter 11. Signaling Chapter 12. Guard Duty Chapter 13. Company Administration Chapter 14. Conferences Study. Small Problems in Infantry. Examinations. Chapter 15. Trench Warfare 1. General Principles. 2. Siting Trenches. 3. Construction. 4. Occupation. Conclusion Bibliography Chapter Index CHAPTER 1. ToC Schedules. , August 27 to September 1, 1917 Organization.

M. as per later announcement Saturday, October 13 As prescribed by Senior Instructors. [H] To include conferences and critique on the ground of exercise conducted. October 15-17, 1917. Construction Of Trenches. October 18-19, 1917. m. m. October 19, 1917. October 20, 1917. m. m. Inspection. R. T. Bayonet [I] Range Practice [J] Signaling Monday, October 22 1 hour pars. 48-289 ½ hour pgs. 17-93 pg. m. m. Tuesday, October 23 1 hour pars. 48-289 ½ hour pgs. 17-93 pg. m. m. Wednesday, October 24 1 hour pars.

Study, 10 hours. In the study and conferences the following will be taken up: Manual of Courts-Martial—pp. 305 to end. First Aid. Personal Hygiene. Camp Sanitation. November 12th-17th, 1917. Physical, drill, 2-½ hours. Bayonet drill, 2-½ hours. Battalion ceremonies, 1-½ hours. Battalion march, full kit, 2-½ hours. Field fortification and trench warfare, 23 hours. Study and conferences, 10 hours. In the study and conference's the following will be taken up: Trench Warfare. Grenades Gas Attack and Defense.

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Military instructors manual by J P Cole; Oliver Schoonmaker

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