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Lennie Niehaus's Jazz Conception for Saxophone Duets PDF

By Lennie Niehaus

One of many world's most well liked jazz duet books. Designed for sax, yet appropriate for many treble clef tools. extremely popular with academics as the Duets are hip and enjoyable to play! Please be aware: duets are written for two Eb saxes or 2BB (not certainly one of each). every one song at the CD is recorded in 2 keys to facilitate 2 altos or 2 tenors.

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One of many world's hottest jazz etude books; well known as the etudes are hip and enjoyable to play. highly regarded between lecturers! Designed for sax yet compatible for all tools. This quantity includes 20 intermediate point workouts and 25 etudes. encompasses a play alongside CD appropriate for Alto Sax (other tools should transpose to take advantage of the CD).

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Jazz Conception for Saxophone Duets by Lennie Niehaus

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