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Download e-book for iPad: Introduction to Mechanisms of Hormone Action by P. Catherine Clegg

By P. Catherine Clegg

ISBN-10: 1483213471

ISBN-13: 9781483213477

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Glucose) and abnormal brain activity occurs which results in generalized convulsions which may be fatal. This 31 32 Mechanisms of Hormone Action effect of insulin is the result of the action of the hormone at different sites and on different processes in the organism. In the liver, insulin has two main effects. First, it increases the rate at which glucose is converted to the storage polysaccharide glycogen. Second, it slows down the process whereby the liver manufactures glucose from non carbohydrate precursors such as the non-nitrogenous part of amino acids and glycerol (a process called gluconeogenêsis).

This will be considered in Chapter 9. The Basis of Cellular Differentiation Every cell of the body contains the same kind and amount of DNA. However, in different types of cells different types of proteins, different enzymes are produced. In a particular differen­ tiated cell the enzymes which are produced thus form only a small fraction of the number of enzymes which the cell is potentially capable of producing. The nucleus contains mechanisms which determine which genes are active in the production of appropriate messenger RNA.

16. The chemical structure of adrenaline and noradrenaline. 40 Action of Hormones on Intracellular Enzymes: Adrenaline 41 Chromaffine cells are not, however, restricted to the adrenal medulla. They are widely distributed in the body and occur, for example, on the dorsal abdominal wall and in the pelvic nervous plexuses. This widespread distribution of chromaffine cells is related to their mode of origin. They arise in development as primitive nerve cells mainly in the thoracic region of the spinal cord.

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Introduction to Mechanisms of Hormone Action by P. Catherine Clegg

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