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Download PDF by Glenn O. Mallory, Juan B. Hajdu: Electroless Plating

By Glenn O. Mallory, Juan B. Hajdu

ISBN-10: 0815512775

ISBN-13: 9780815512776

This booklet describes the chemical rules of the foremost electroless strategies and the sensible purposes of those thoughts within the undefined. because of the coordinated efforts of 26 person authors - this booklet fills the void which has existed for an entire reference on electroless deposition.

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Electroless Plating - download pdf or read online

This publication describes the chemical ideas of the foremost electroless approaches and the sensible functions of those suggestions within the undefined. because of the coordinated efforts of 26 person authors - this e-book fills the void which has existed for an entire reference on electroless deposition.

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0). Thecurrent potential curves obtained by Mital et al. for the anodic oxidation of hypophosphite are similar in shape to those reported by Ohno et al. (28). The anodic curve attains a current maximum at which point there is a sudden rise in the anodic potential, indicating the possibility of formation of a passivating film on the electrode surface. In the case of DMAB, however, the anodic curves show a smooth monotonic increase in current with increasing anodic potential. was compared to the rate obtained by The deposition rate calculated from idep the gravimetric method.

3 The Fundamental Aspects of Electroless Nickel Plating 29 Thermodynamics is of great help in predicting equilibria in electrochemical reactions. It is the Gibbs free energy that is the criterion as to whether or not an electrochemical cell reaction will occur spontaneously at a constant temperature and pressure. There is an important relation between the change in free energy, AG, and the amount of electrical work done, nFE, in a reversible cell: AG = -nFE [e91 where n is the number of electrons transferred in the reaction, F is the Faraday number (96,500 coulombs), and E is the voltage or EMF of the cell.

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Electroless Plating by Glenn O. Mallory, Juan B. Hajdu

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