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By R J Ferrier, R Blattner, O McDonald, R H Furneaux, P C Tyler, R H Wightman, K Clinch, J M Gardiner, R A Field, K P R Kartha, D M G Tilbrook

ISBN-10: 0854042288

ISBN-13: 9780854042289

ISBN-10: 1847553109

ISBN-13: 9781847553102

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135 A review has described the isolation, characterization, synthesis and biological activities of the saponins. 13* Acetylated glycals have been used in the preparation of betulin 2-deoxy-a-~-, 2-deoxy-a-~-and 2,6-dideoxy-a-~-arabino-hexopyranosides. 39 ' ' 0 36 37 38 The plant bioregulator phyllanthurinolactone 37 has been made by use of the racemic alcohol,140and coroside 38 13C labelled at the indicated position was made by photooxidation of the corresponding p-substituted phenol. It and related cyclohexyl derivatives were required for studies on the biosynthesis of plant phenylethanoid compounds.

5 Disaccharides with Anomalous Linking or Containing Modified Rings. 247 See Chapter 18 for other relevant carba-sugar compounds. g. 6 Reactions, Complexation and Other Features of 0-Glycosides. 261The mechanism of the TmsOTf-promoted anomerization of permethylated glucopyranoses has been examined by NMR and GLC methods. g. 264 2 S-,Se- and Te-Glycosides This year has seen the publication of a diverse set of syntheses of thioglycosidic compounds.

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Carbohydrate Chemistry Volume 32 by R J Ferrier, R Blattner, O McDonald, R H Furneaux, P C Tyler, R H Wightman, K Clinch, J M Gardiner, R A Field, K P R Kartha, D M G Tilbrook

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