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By Lucia McKay, Maggie Guscott

ISBN-10: 1562547585

ISBN-13: 9781562547585

It is crucial for college students to appreciate the significance of handling cash. This e-book comprises real-life occasions that train the accountability of organizing funds and different vital banking talents. Grades 6-12.

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Unanticipated gifts and weekend trips are other examples. As you handle unplanned expenses, you will often use math. The math skills you use include mental math and estimation, basic operations and equations, statistics, and ratios and proportions. What You Will Do in This Unit In this unit, math steps demonstrate how to solve problems. These steps can help you answer questions such as these: Last winter, your electricity bill was $85 per month. In the summer, this amount doubled. You now budget the maximum amount each month.

The company charges a daily rate plus a per-mile charge. The agent tells you the cost for 100 and 200 miles. Later, you wonder what the per-mile charge is, and what the daily rate is. What are these amounts? You need a saw to cut down a tree in your yard. You find one that costs $189. You also find that you can rent one for $15 per day. How many uses make buying a better deal than renting? The sticker price of a car is $17,499. You can lease it for $449 per month for two years. Then you have an option to buy it for $359 per month over three years.

How many times would Diego have to use the power drill to make buying a better deal than renting? Solve Step 1: Find how many rental days are contained in the purchase price. 998 Divide the cost of purchase by the rental fee. Step 2: Now, write an inequality to show the number of days for which renting would be more than the cost of purchase. 99 Sixteen rentals at $5 each ($80) would cost more than buying. Answer the Question Step 3: Diego would have to use the power drill for 16 days to make buying a better deal than renting.

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Budgeting & Banking Math (Practical Math in Context) by Lucia McKay, Maggie Guscott

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