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By Vivienne Brown

ISBN-10: 0203014863

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The 1st ebook on Adam Smith to house contemporary debates in literary idea, this interdisciplinary examine examines Smith's significant texts and underscores the deep ambivalences and tensions in his paintings.

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10 Emanating from an untheorised reliance on the assumption of authorial unity,11 such readings achieve their results by transposing citations across different texts, thereby violating the textual identity of the works in question and glossing over crucial distinctions in the account of the different virtues provided in TMS. This chapter will provide a detailed textual analysis to support an interpretation of the metaphors of the impartial spectator and the invisible hand which shows how the spectatorial account of moral judgment in TMS strictly pertains only to the higher-order virtues, the truly ‘moral virtues’ of beneficence and self-command, and that the lowerorder virtues of justice and prudence, which concern the economic domain and the marketplace, lie outside the domain of moral discourse proper.

26 For example, Brissenden (1969), Ignatieff (1986) and Mitchell (1987). Signifying voices: reading the adam smith problem 33 The first sentence introduces the theme of the paragraph, and this is performed in the inclusive first person plural. The didactic voice of the second sentence generalises this point in an impersonal manner. 27 Sometimes, the didactic voice is used to add a refinement or a correction to the general view, or even to provide a common reference point to what might otherwise seem to be out of place, or too low and vulgar, to be included within the more elevated tone of the didactic voice.

In this case, the other person’s sentiments excite admiration and applause on the part of humanity. It is at this point that the text then moves into the voice of the detached ‘narrator’ or ‘didactic philosopher’ (‘For approbation heightened by wonder…’), who makes some generalised and elevated statements about the nature of admiration. Two paragraphs later the opposite case is considered, where the objects are of a peculiar interest to the parties concerned and where a discordance of view is expressed: With regard to those objects, which affect in a particular manner either ourselves or the person whose sentiments we judge of, it is at once more difficult to preserve this harmony and correspondence, and at the same time, vastly more important.

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