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Download e-book for kindle: Biology of Physical Science by R.K. Saxena

By R.K. Saxena

ISBN-10: 8189972073

ISBN-13: 9788189972073

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This behaviour supports the assignment of this band to the transition IAI f- IA I . To determine the expected polarization of any band, the symmetry species of the product 'IIo'llb is compared with the components of M, as was done above for formaldehyde. Absorption of radiation will occur if Mz results in an Al transition moment integrand for equation (6). , equations (4) and (5)]. The absorption will occur if the My component gives an Al transition moment integral. 10 Schematic illustration of a polarized single crystal study_ BIOLOGY OF PHYSICAL SCIENCE 46 Even if Mz has an integrand with AI symmetry, no absorption of the z-component will occur for this orientation and no absorption at all will occur if the My integrand is not AI" We can further illustrate these ideas by considering the electronic absorption spectrum of PtCI/-.

For this purpose, vmax' Emax' and band shapes can be employed. It is also important that the spectra be examined in a variety of solvents to be sure that the band shifts are in accord with expectations. Spectral data have been compiled by Sadtler, Lang, and Hershenson, and in "Organic Electronic Spectral Data" and the ASTM Coded IBM Cards. A review article by Mason and the text by Jaffe and Orchin are excellent for this type of application. It a functional group (chromophore) is involved in conjugation or steric interactions, or is attached to electron-releasing groups, its spectral properties are often different from those of an isolated functional group.

For example, the carbonyl group 20 BIOLOGY OF PHYSICAL SCIENCE will generally absorb at certain wavelengths in the ultraviolet and infrared spectra. Its presence in an unknown compound can be determined fro~ these absorptions. Often one can even determine whether or not the carbonyl group is in a conjugated system. These details will be considered later when the spectroscopic methods are discussed individually. Spectroscopic methods provide a convenient way of detecting certain impurities in a sample.

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Biology of Physical Science by R.K. Saxena

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