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By Genny Monchamp

ISBN-10: 0819812099

ISBN-13: 9780819812094

Drawn from either the previous and New Testaments, this choice of twenty Bible tales introduces teenagers a while 1–4 to God's notice. Interactive parts accompany each one tale, retaining kids actively engaged of their examining adventure, encouraging studying comprehension, and reinforcing easy cognitive skills.

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Now find the third child. Jesus Stops a Storm (Matthew 8) One night Jesus and his friends were sailing across the sea. Jesus fell asleep. Suddenly, a big storm came up. The wind blew and blew. Huge waves rocked the boat and splashed water into it. Jesus’s friends were scared. ” they said. ” “Don’t be afraid,” Jesus replied. Then he stood up, raised his hands, and said, “Stop! ” The wind and the sea listened to Jesus! His friends were amazed. When Jesus is with us, we don’t have to be afraid. Look for these stormy things: a black cloud, yellow lightning, blue raindrops.

Can you help Abraham count the stars? God gave Abraham more children and grandchildren than there are stars in the sky. God always keeps his promises. Moses Leads God’s People (Exodus 3, 13–14) God’s people were slaves in Egypt. God made a plan to save them, and he sent Moses to lead the way. ” Moses led the people out of Egypt to the edge of a great sea. Then God told Moses to lift his arms over the water. God split the sea in two and a path of dry land appeared! God’s people walked across to the other side.

Then they lowered him through the ceiling into the room where Jesus was. Jesus saw their faith and looked at the man on the mat. “You are forgiven,” he said. ” Suddenly, the man was able to walk! Everyone praised God. The man who couldn’t walk had good friends. Jesus wants us to be good friends, too. Can you find something the man’s friends used to climb to the top of the roof? The Shepherd and the Sheep (Luke 15) Jesus liked to tell stories. “Once there was a shepherd who had one hundred sheep.

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