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Anthology of Classical Myth: Primary Sources in Translation - download pdf or read online

By R. Scott Smith, Stephen M. Trzaskoma, Stephen Brunet

ISBN-10: 1603840680

ISBN-13: 9781603840682

Author note; Stephen Trzaskoma (Editor/Translator), R. Scott Smith (Editor/Translator), Stephen Brunet (Editor/Translator)
Publish yr note: First released November twenty second 2004

This quantity is designed as a better half to the traditional undergraduate mythology textbooks or, whilst assigned along the important Greek and Roman works, as a source-based substitute to these textbooks.

In addition to the whole texts of the Homeric Hymns and Hesiod's Theogony, this assortment offers beneficiant choices from over 50 texts composed among the Archaic Age and the fourth century A.D. historical interpretation of fable is represented right here in choices from the allegorists Heraclitus, Cornutus and Fulgentius, the rationalists Palaephatus and Diodorus of Sicily, and the philosophers and historians Plato, Herodotus and Thucydides. Appendices deal with facts from inscriptions, papyri and Linear B pills and comprise a thematic index, a mythological dictionary, and genealogies. A considerate creation helps scholars operating with the first assets and the opposite assets provided right here; an intensive word to teachers deals feedback on tips to comprise this e-book into their classes.

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AD (G) Ovid 43 BC–17 AD (L) Diodorus of Sicily 1st c. (G) Horace 65–8 (L) Vergil 70–19 (L) Parthenius 1st c. (G) Lucretius ca. 94–ca. __________? ________? __________? ______? __________? AD 100 150 300 250 200 100 Roman Period (1st c. BC–5th c. __________? _______________________? ___________________? ____________? ____________________________ 250 Bion fl. 100 Eratosthenes 3rd c. Theocritus ca. 300–ca. 260 Callimachus ca. 305–ca. 240 Cleanthes 331–232 Palaephatus 4th or 3rd c. Theophrastus ca.

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Anthology of Classical Myth: Primary Sources in Translation by R. Scott Smith, Stephen M. Trzaskoma, Stephen Brunet

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