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Download e-book for iPad: Angular Momentum Techniques in Quantum Mechanics by V. Devanathan

By V. Devanathan

ISBN-10: 030647123X

ISBN-13: 9780306471230

ISBN-10: 079235866X

ISBN-13: 9780792358664

This ebook offers with the coupling of 2 or extra angular momenta, angular momentum coupling coefficients, rotation matrices, tensor operators, evaluate of matrix parts, the gradient formulation, exact debris, statistical tensors and polarization phenomena, lines of angular momentum matrices, the helicity formalism and the spin states of the Dirac particle. those themes disguise the total variety of angular momentum strategies which are being conventional within the learn of either non-relativistic and relativistic difficulties in physics. on the finish of every bankruptcy, assessment questions, difficulties and options to chosen difficulties are given that allows you to let the reader to have a clearer realizing of the topic. viewers: This quantity will function a useful reference monograph for examine staff in particle physics, nuclear physics and fabric technological know-how. it's also urged as a textual content in angular momentum thoughts for graduate scholars of physics and chemistry.

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1. If the coordinate system is rotated through an angle α about the Z axis, the components of the second rank tensor are transformed as given below. Similarly, Thus, the transformation matrix M ( α ) for for rotation through an angle α about the Z axis is obtained from the relation The rotation matrix is the transpose of the transformation matrix. Since the transformation matrix is a diagonal matrix, the rotation matrix coincides with transformation matrix for rotation about the Z axis. 3 The transformation matrix for for rotation through an angle β about the Y axis is a little more complicated since it is non-diagonal.

5 The spherical components of the vector operator J are: From Eqs. 39), the effect of operation of Jz, J+, J- on the VECTORS AND TENSORS IN SPHERICAL BASIS angular momentum state are known. 1. Definition of Rotation Matrix The rotation matrices define the transformation properties of angular momentum eigenfunctions under rotation of coordinate system. 1) where denotes an element of the rotation matrix, the rotation being described by a set of three Euler angles α,β,γ. The angular momentum eigenfunctions are in the rotated coordinate system S', whereas the functions denote the eigenfunctions in the original coordinate system S.

3. 26) 1Rotation matrices for j = forms of the rotation matrices et al. (1988). 1 are given in Eqs. 98). For the explicit, higher j values, the reader is referred to Varshalovich 46 CHAPTER 5 where SY is the Y-component of the spin operator. 31) we obtain a simple form for the rotation matrix. 32) Substituting the matrix elements of σ y , we obtain the matrix representation for the operator RY ( β ) and it is denoted by d 1/2 ( β ). 33) In a similar way, we can obtain the rotation matrices for rotations about the X or Z-axis.

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Angular Momentum Techniques in Quantum Mechanics (Fundamental Theories of Physics) by V. Devanathan

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