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Download PDF by Judson Knight; Lawrence W Baker; Stacy A McConnell: Ancient Civilizations Reference Library Vol 2 Biographies

By Judson Knight; Lawrence W Baker; Stacy A McConnell

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Zuerst veröffentlicht in der Leipziger Volkszeitung, Nr. 219–225, 21. –28. September 1898, und Nr. 76–80, four. –8. April 1899.
Diese model beruht sich auf der 2. Ausgabe des Buchs, Leipzig 1908.
Rosa Luxemburg,Gesammelte Werke, Bd. 1, Erster Halbbd. , Dietz Verlag, Berlin 1982, S. 369–445.
Überarbeitung, Anmerkungen u. HTML-Markierung: Einde O’Callaghan für das Marxists’ net Archive.

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Once he died at the age of about thirty-five, though, they went back to worshiping a variety of gods—Aton among them. Akhenaton had no sons. Of his six daughters, four died during his lifetime. One married a very young prince named Tutankhamen (toot-ahn-KAH-mehn; “King Tut”), who moved the capital back to Thebes and returned to the worship of Amon-Ra. Akhenaton had meanwhile been branded a heretic. Many of his statues were defaced. The Egyptians even tore down a number of the buildings he had constructed.

Oedipus Rex is the story of how Oedipus responds to the horrible news that he has fulfilled the ancient prophecy. Politics, a book in which he advanced the now-accepted notion that human beings are happiest when they live in some kind of organized society; Rhetoric (RET-uh-rik), which dealt with speech and writing; and Poetics. Poetics, though only a small part of it survives, was one of Aristotle’s most important works. In it, he introduced the idea of catharsis (kuh-THAHR-sis), or the experience of emotional release that comes from watching a character on stage undergo difficult circumstances.

41–54), her third husband. Later, Agrippina made advances toward her son. By then, having poisoned Claudius so that Nero could become emperor, she was fighting to keep Nero from killing her. One of the few positive influences in Nero’s life was the philosopher Seneca (SEHN-eh-kuh; c. 3 B . –c. A . 65), who became his advisor. But the atmosphere around Nero affected Seneca as well. D. 59), Seneca arranged to finish off the job properly. Later, Nero forced Seneca to commit suicide. Up until that time, as strange as it may sound, Nero had done a fairly responsible job of ruling.

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Ancient Civilizations Reference Library Vol 2 Biographies by Judson Knight; Lawrence W Baker; Stacy A McConnell

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