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Anatomical Atlas of Chinese Acupuncture Points by Chen Jing PDF

By Chen Jing

ISBN-10: 7533101731

ISBN-13: 9787533101732

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1 cun be the processus gastritis, umbilicus on xiphoideus the of the gastric cardiac dilatation, gastric spasm gastralgia, hiccup, palpitation, tal disorder, epilepsy men pain in the cardiac region, hiccough, mania, epilepsy level leu- Shanzhong Yutang Midway between locate this point supine position the two nipples, with patient in in diarrhea, impitence, fullness of lower chest, hiccup, re- gurgitation of food, infantile milk re- irre- gular menstruation, menorrhagia. distension, diarrhea, rentension of urine, frequent urination metrorrhagia, leucorrhea, irregular menstruation, pruritus vulvae, periumbilical pain, hernia, post partum bleeding acute enteritis (of cold nature), chronic enteritis, chronic dysentery, intestinal tuberculosis, edema, etc.

2. The pertaining points: The jointing points are as follows: Points Shenmai, Pushen, Fuyang (all pertain to Foot-Taiyang Channel), Juliao, (Foot-Shaoyang Channel), Jagu, Jianyu (all pertain to Hand-Yangming Channel), Dicang, Juliao, Chengqu (all pertain to Foot-Yangming Channel), Jingming, Foot-Taiyang Channel), Fengchi (Foot-Shaoyin Chanel), Fengfu, Yaoshu (Du Mai). 3. Indications: Rigidity of the waist and back, swelling of the legs, phobia of the wind, diaphoresis, headache, sweating of the head, redness and swelling of the eye, pain in supraciliary arch, pain of the bone joints, paralysis of the hand and foot, spasm, faintness, promote lactation, deafness, epistaxis, epilepsy, general edema, etc.

2. The pertaining points: Its jointing points are as follows: Chongmen, Fushe, Fuai (all pertain Zhubin to (Foot-Shaoyin Foot-Taiyin Channel), Channel), Qimen (Foot-Jueyin Channel), Tiantu, Lianquan (Ren Mai). 3. Indications: Fullness and distension of the chest, borborygmus and diarrhea, hedrocele, regurgitation and belching, abdominal mass, pain of the lower chest in women, angina pectoris, pleurisy, typhoid, malaria, etc. Fig. 23 74 Course of Yinwei Mai 75 Port U THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE CHANNEL-POINT AND ANATOMICAL STRUCTURES Channels-Points and Anatomical Structures Yangbai Yuyao Sizhuboog Wiiiming Qiutinu Shaoshang The Key in Colour of the Points Lung Channel of Hand-Taiyin Pericardium' Channel of Hand-Jueyin Heart Channel of Hand-Shaoyin Large Intestine Channel of Hand-Yangming O The Sanjiao Channel of Hand-Shaoyang Small Intestine Channel of Hand-Taiyang The Stomach Channel of Foot-Yangming Gall Bladder Channel of Foot-Shaoyang Urinary Bladder Channel of Foot-Taiyang The Spleen Channel of Foot Taiyin The Liver Channel of Foot Jueyin The Kidney Channel of Foot Shaoyin Hand Acupuncture Jiajixue New Points Qixue Du MaifGoverning Vessel) Ren Mai (Conception Vessel) Fig.

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