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Download e-book for iPad: American Nietzsche : a history of an icon and his ideas by Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen

By Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen

ISBN-10: 022600676X

ISBN-13: 9780226006765

ISBN-10: 0226705811

ISBN-13: 9780226705811

"If you have been searching for a thinker more likely to attract american citizens, Friedrich Nietzsche will be faraway from your first selection. in spite of everything, in his blazing profession, Nietzsche took target at approximately the entire foundations of contemporary American lifestyles: Christian morality, the Enlightenment religion in cause, and the assumption of human equality. regardless of that, for greater than a century Nietzsche has been a highly popular--and surprisingly Read more...


in the event you have been searching for a thinker prone to entice american citizens, Friedrich Nietzsche will be faraway from your first selection. the writer delves deeply into Nietzsche's philosophy, and America's Read more...

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He quoted Nietzsche from Human, A!! "Likewise both fought the "dead level of mediocrity," the hollow Christian and egalitarian chants of the age, which threaten, in Emerson's words, to "melt the world into a lump. "Though Schumm made no claim for influence, he noted the strong affinity between the two authors, thus observing that if America could produce an Emerson, so too might she have ears to hear his insights repeated by Nietzsche. Schumm argued that Nietzsche's problems would become America's problems in the new century.

46 Over the course of his three-decade-plus engagement with Nietzsche's philosophy, Huneker promoted a thinker who stripped himself of"all metaphysical baggage" and "dared to be naked" of every vestige of speculative thought. 47 He described him as a titanic naysayer who decried the entire fund of nineteenth-century morality-from Christian sentimentalism to secular humanism, scientific socialism, and democratic idealism-as confessions of a Western civilization in precipitous decline. Unlike other iconoclasts, however, Nietzsche's rejections expressed no morbid pessimism but rather a robust and unafraid "love of earth" shorn of all inherited psychic props.

For] when the necessary or accidental shortcomings of government ... 34 Throughout the 189os, as regular installments of Nietzsche aphorisms appeared in Liberty, so too did the ideas therein about pity as a form of self- THE MAKING OF THE AMERICAN NIETZSCHE aggrandizement, the workings of external authority on the individual's psychology, and self-knowledge as the only basis of morality begin to make their way into American anarchists'writings. 35 Aware of Nietzsche's importance for European anarchists, Tucker's relationship with Nietzsche's ideas, nevertheless, was not always an easy one.

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