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Diane Marczely Gimpel's A Timeline History of Early American Indian Peoples PDF

By Diane Marczely Gimpel

Hundreds of thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of years sooner than Europeans arrived in North the USA, American Indians had made their houses the following. those many teams tailored to the various lands and climates of what could later turn into the us. every one staff constructed its personal tradition and background.

When settlers from Britain, France, Spain, and Russia arrived, the rookies interacted with American Indians in several methods. a few engaged in exchange, whereas others attempted to enslave American Indian peoples or to take over their territories. Many conflicts arose because the varied teams fought over land and assets. The colonization in their land replaced the lives of yankee Indians without end.

Explore the background of the numerous American Indian peoples who predated the U.S.. music the real occasions and turning issues that formed their cultures either prior to and after the arriving of eu explorers, investors, and colonists.

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Afterward, other Pueblo American Indians cooperated with the Spanish. Spanish Jesuit missionaries try to convert American Indians to Christianity. 1500s: Apache bands begin raiding Spanish settlements. 1450 1500 1539: Spanish explorer Marcos de Niza reaches Zuni territory. 36 1550 In 1680 the Pueblo fought back again, in what was called the Pueblo Rebellion. The Spanish had been punishing Pueblos for practicing native religions. On August 11, 1680, a Pueblo named Popé, leading American Indians from multiple villages, attacked Spanish soldiers and priests.

1932: Under the Dawes Act, white settlers acquire two-thirds of the land previously reserved for American Indians. 1900 1925 1887: The Dawes General Allotment Act gives pieces of land to individual American Indians. It encourages American Indians to become farmers by promising them a chance to gain US citizenship. Land not given to individuals for farming is sold publicly. 1950 1975 1960s: The civil rights movement, which focuses on winning equal rights for people of all races, leads to activism on behalf of American Indian groups.

They used the flour to make soup, mush, or bread. They also ate fish and hunted for small game animals. Chumash homes in California 1579: Sir Francis Drake arrives in California and claims the land for England. 1570 1580 1500s: California is home to about 133,000 American Indians before European explorers arrive. 1590 1600 1602: A Spanish merchant named Sebastián Vizcaíno explores the southern part of California and names the port of San Diego. 39 Influence of Spanish Missionaries The first Europeans to come to California were the Spanish, who arrived in the first half of the 1500s.

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