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Download e-book for iPad: A Companion to African Philosophy by Kwasi Wiredu

By Kwasi Wiredu

ISBN-10: 0631207511

ISBN-13: 9780631207511

This quantity of newly commissioned essays offers finished assurance of African philosophy, ranging throughout disciplines and through the a long time.

  • Offers a particular ancient remedy of African philosophy.
  • Covers the entire major branches of philosophy as addressed within the African culture.
  • Includes bills of pre-colonial African philosophy and modern political thought.

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Such an idea is nothing short of anathema to many traditionalists, for they are apt to suspect that African philosophy might thereby become subordinated to Western philosophy. Accordingly, in such circles ‘‘universalist,’’ especially as applied to a fellow African, is a term of reproof. It is not clear that traditionalists wish to commit themselves to an unlimited relativism. That would generate quite an unlimited inconsistency, for, in expounding African traditional philosophy, they do not hesitate, either on behalf of their communities or of themselves or both, to make universal claims, such, for example, as that every human being comes to the world with a destiny apportioned to them by God.

The life principle, then, being a kind of entity, cannot be identical with the mind. This, however, is a claim of interpretation, and, as in all philosophy, has been subject to controversy. As far as Akan is concerned, some of its interpreters, such as Gyekye, my good friend and former colleague at the University of Ghana, have defended the identification of the life principle (in Akan the okra) with the soul. He has argued lucidly for his position in his Essay on African Philosophical Thought (1987: ch.

Proceeding almost in random order, we note Jean-Godefroy Bidima’s reflective survey (chapter 46) of philosophy and literature in Francophone Africa. Engaged with literature and philosophy also, but in an Anglophone direction, is Anthony Kwame Appiah’s ‘‘African Philosophy and African Literature’’ (chapter 45). The intersection of philosophy and literature in Africa is more important than the space available to it here. It deserves a whole volume to itself. As for the rest of the contributions in the present category, it is sufficient barely to mention some of them to get an idea of their scope and variety.

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A Companion to African Philosophy by Kwasi Wiredu

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