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Download e-book for kindle: 3,000 Decorative Patterns of the Ancient World (Dover by Flinders Petrie

By Flinders Petrie

ISBN-10: 0486229866

ISBN-13: 9780486229867

Legendary animals, florals, rosettes, spiritual and secular symbols, extra.

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After the procession, everything is washed in the ocean by slaves who are then drowned. A number of the aspects of this ceremony agree with what scholars think they know about cult and ritual of the Germanic peoples. Tacitus says elsewhere—and other sources, including place-names, agree—that worship occurs in a sacred grove. The killing of the slaves might also be regarded as a form of sacrifice, a subject to which I will return shortly. Other aspects of the worship of Nerthus find striking agreement with texts recorded much later that are associated specifically with the vanir.

His was a reign of peace and prosperity, the “Peace of Fródi” according to Snorri. Because of this he was worshipped even more than other goƒ. When Snorri uses a word for pagan gods here, he must feel that the euhemerization of the æsir had been completed. Frey is the first of the Ynglingar, and his successor, Fjölnir, is the first king cataloged in Thjódólf’s Ynglinga tal. From this point, Ynglinga saga follows Ynglinga tal closely, and the strictly mythological section is at an end. However, the rest of Ynglinga saga, and other parts of Heimskringla as well, also contains information that is useful for the study of Scandinavian mythology.

The goal of linguistic comparison was reconstruction of a given language at an earlier state; similarly, comparative mythology hoped to lead to reconstruction of older states of a mythology or, in the Indo-European area, of the myths and conceptions of the hypothetical ancestors of the Indic, Germanic, and other Indo-European peoples from around 2,000 years ago. The project was doomed from the start, however, by notions of what myths were about. Few people thought that a particular sound “meant” something in and of itself.

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3,000 Decorative Patterns of the Ancient World (Dover Pictorial Archive) by Flinders Petrie

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